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With the industry's expansion, we have taken the effort to ensure that our goods are properly created and tested, with the greatest dedication to detail and quality, for our clients.


We are pleased to introduce our newest addition to our audio accessories collection.


12 Spot Ground Distribution Block


- One of the exceptional features of the DTP-GB12 is its compatibility with any ring terminal with a 5/16" hole.

- This adaptability enables for simple installation and integration. Say goodbye to limiting possibilities and embrace the flexibility that this product provides.

- Manufactured in Canada. The DTP-GB12 is designed and assembled at a cutting-edge factory.

- The DTP-GB12 can improve your car's audio system. Select from a range of colours or Full LED to suit your style and preferences. This solution not only cleans up the wiring but also adds a sense of class to your installation.

- Indulge in the DTP-GB12 and enjoy the simplicity, quality, and dependability it provides. Upgrade your vehicle's audio system today for a quieter, cleaner driving experience.





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