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Toyota MR 2

    Customer Landon Hemmes, with his custom Toyota mr 2,  Came into our shop and we discussed  options for this beautiful ride. 

    After a plan was set in motion we designed a custom amp rack for his Dc audio 1.2k (1200w Class D mono Block  and Dc 175.4 Class A/B amplifier.

     when this beauty opened up it looked clean and ready for photos.

Honda  Odyssey

    We had this Honda Odyssey in for a passengers rear door motor replacement


     The customer had taken the vehicle to another local shop inquiring about an amplifier location , They notified her that you cant install under the front seats. 


     We took on this challenge as were able to design and cnc cut out of amplifier rack  which was mounted and secured under the Drivers front seat. which supplied a location for an Audio Control LC2i and MTX 2 Channel Mud amplifier to only amplify the front speakers. 

2008 Nautique


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