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The MP 25.3 car audio tweeters, featuring Tetolon dome and 25 mm voice coil, provides a very wide, linear frequency response.
Thanks to its “Center Tuning Duct”, positioned in the center of the powerful Neodymium magnetic circuit, exchange of air between dome and rear load chamber is ensured, fine-tuning the acoustics to perfection.
The resulting very low resonance frequency is also functional for the woofer crossover point, elevating the sound stage.

Size mm (in.) 29 (1.14)
Power Handling - Peak W 120
(Hi-Pass filtered @ 2,5kHz - 12 dB Oct.)
Impedance Ω 4
Frequency response Hz 1.4k ÷ 22.5k
Sensitivity dB SPL 91
Voice coil Ø mm (in.) 25 (1)
Magnet Neodymium Cone/Dome Tetolon

MP 25.3 PRO ​Tweeters

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