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General Information


  • 3 Megapixel Recording
  • HDR
  • Accident Avoidance Features
  • Super Capacitor
  • 4 types of recording mode
  • G-sensor & GPS




High Definition recording & driver safety

Dashboard Camera is equipped with 3 Megapixel Full Hi-Vision recording and accident avoidance features.


3 Megapixel Recording provides higher resolution than Full Hi-Vision (1920 x 1080)

3 Megapixel High Definition recording captures clear video even while driving.


HDR (High Dynamic Range) for Backlighting

Easily records clear images in dark or well lit settings without underexposing or overexposing the image.


Accident Avoidance Features for Safer Driving

Equipped with the latest in accident avoidance sensor technology.


Collision Warning

Sensors detect the distance between your car and the vehicle ahead of you, and if a safe distance is not maintained a warning will sound.

Collision Avoidance works at 20 MPH and up.


Lane Departure


Detects the lane your vehicle is in and alerts you with a warning sound when the vehicle drifts from the current lane.

Lane Departure works at 40 MPH and up.


Lane Departure Warning works when a vehicle changes a lane.

Departure Delay


When your vehicle is at a full stop and the car in front of you starts to move forward, the departure delay warning sounds if your car fails to move forward.The system will also provide warning if your vehicle starts to move backward.


(The accident avoidance features are for providing safety support to drivers and in way, shape or form meant to substitute a drivers full attention to the responisbilities of driving. The features do not provide notification of all hazards encountered on the road.

* Some locations, such as tunnels or cityscapes with tall buildings, may encounter loss of GPS signals

* In some cases the shape of a vehicle, or color of paint may prevent the sensors from detecting a vehicle


Super Capacitor supplies power in the event that vehicle battery power is lost.

Prevents the recorded video file from being corrupted due to lost power., as it provides enough power to allow the video file to close properly.


types of recording mode


Recording starts as soon as the vehicle starts.In continuous recording mode the oldest files are deleted when storage capacity has been exceeded.

Pressing the Rec button on the device takes the camera out of continuous record mode.The recording time of manual recording is 10 seconds before the manual recording button was pressed plus the time set for "Manual Recording Time."

When an event such as a collision occurs during continuos recording "Event Recording" automatically starts record of the event.The recording time of event recording is 10 seconds before the event was detected plus the time set for "Event Recording Time."


When the vehicle is parked and turned off, parking recording mode becomes active.If the vehicle is subject to a collision, or similar event, power is supplied to the camera and parking recording starts. When recording ends, parking record status resumes.


G-sensor & Built-in GPS

The DVR-410 is equipped with a G-Sensor designed to detect a collision, and GPS that records speed and latitude and longitude.

KENWOOD Drive Reviewer is a PC application that displays video recorded by the DVR-410.KENWOOD Drive Reviewer can be downloaded from the JVCKENWOOD website.

Kenwood Dashboard Cam DRV-410

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